Modern, Elegant & Sophisticated Erotic Creations

Eros Foundry was created on the idea that there was space for a more sculptural and artistic approach to sex toys. Rather than creating overly realistic sculptures, I instead put my energy and time into creating anatomically focused, smooth, elegant, and modern erotic sculptures.

Each model is hand-sculpted. This is by far the most time-consuming, but personally satisfying part of the process. Each item you see is a result of tens of hours of work in sculpting and shaping alone. A great network of support allows me to get feedback and test models before I bring them to market, assuring a better experience for the end user. I won't begin to build a final mold until I am satisfied with the entirety of the aesthetic. Form and function must come into perfect alignment to create the best experience, as I strive to create a unique, striking and pleasurable object d'art for you.

As an artist and sculptor, the move to erotic creations was an easy decision once I learned art of casting with silicone. Although my shop is relatively new, I've been honing my skills in this craft for years before I felt that I could produce a top quality product; this is a very technical field with a lot to learn before you even begin!

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